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ExpressionEngine is a content management system used by organizations for building websites popular when security, dynamic content, and complex elements are needed. Expression Engine can provide organizations with powerful tools to create enterprise-level websites from scratch or using existing templates. Touted for flexibility, the platform often introduces organizations to unnecessary complexity and added layers of process that prevents publishing quickly.

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Expression Engine to WordPress

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Why Organizations are Saying Goodbye to ExpressionEngine and Hello to WordPress

In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing trend away from using proprietary Content Management Systems and towards open source CMS systems like WordPress. ExpressionEngine, a popular proprietary CMS system, is one of many systems that has seen an exodus of users in favor of WordPress. Among the many factors driving this shift are businesses seeking to reduce costs, access a larger community of support, gain new functionality or address website management challenges they experienced with their current system.

Generally speaking, the most common reasons we see organizations looking to WordPress include:

Above are just some of the reasons why businesses are making the switch from ExpressionEngine to WordPress.

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For those interested in learning more about Expression Engine to WordPress, we recommend checking out the following videos, articles, and books:

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  • Learn the basics of building a beautiful web site with ExpressionEngine and make a fully functional blog from scratch in just 10 minutes! Great into info if you’re unfamiliar with the basic ExpressionEngine terminology and framework. More videos like this on the ExpressionEngine Youtube Channel.

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