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ExpressionEngine, the content management system used by thousands of organizations for building websites, is often chosen when security, dynamic content, and complex elements are in scope. ExpressionEngine, or EE as some call it, can provide organizations with powerful tools to create enterprise-level websites from scratch or using existing templates. Touted for flexibility, the platform often introduces organizations to unnecessary complexity and added layers of process that prevents publishing quickly.
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ExpressionEngine to WordPress

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Is it time for your organization to join 46% of websites on the internet and start using WordPress for your website? Yes, it is.

Why Organizations are Saying Goodbye to ExpressionEngine and Hello to WordPress

In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing trend for organizations moving away from proprietary CMS like Expression Engine and towards open source CMS options like WordPress. ExpressionEngine has become pretty popular, but it is one of many systems that has seen an exodus of users in favor of WordPress. Among the many factors driving this shift include: organizations seeking to reduce costs, gain access a larger community of support, develop new functionality or address website management challenges they experienced with their current system.

Generally speaking, the most common reasons we see organizations looking to WordPress include:

This is all just some of the reasons why businesses are making the switch from ExpressionEngine to WordPress. Our engineers are experienced with all aspects of supporting an ExpressionEngine website during a migration. With project managers who specialize in migrations, making the switch for your website will be easy and smooth.

This photo shows a WordPress migration engineer in our office holding a cup of coffee, posed for this photo, smiling and confident. Kathleen specializes in migrating websites from ExpressionEngine to WordPress.

Migrating from ExpressionEngine to WordPress the Easy Way

When moving your organization’s website from ExpressionEngine to WordPress, project managers and leaders should consider carefully. For teams with reduced technical capacities, managing the process of moving ExpressionEngine content and brand design from the EE platform to WordPress can be arduous, if not impossible.

We offer a comprehensive ExpressionEngine to WordPress solution to provides support for your organization through every step of the way, from content audit and cleanup to post-migration optimization.

Our solution includes:

  • Migration consultations
  • Migration planning
  • Enterprise auditing and project management
  • Content audit and cleanup
  • Theme and functional plugin selection
  • Custom development
  • Migration services
  • Maintenance and management
  • Post-migration optimization
  • Security and performance tuning

For organizations wanting to switch their website from ExpressionEngine (any version) to WordPress, we provide an end-to-end solution. Our ExpressionEngine to WordPress migration service covers everything to get your website on WordPress.

Our engineers are very experienced in the migration of complex, mission-critical websites from any platform to WordPress. Our clients include numerous US federal agencies, the NOAA, at least four different Native American tribes, and hundreds of American, Canadian, British, Australian, German, French, Japanese, Finnish, and (honestly just about every single country at this point…) global-leading organizations. Our team makes it easier for so many organization, and that is available to your organization.

They understand what’s involved and get the migration completed quickly. Our team of experienced WordPress migration engineers has years of experience making website migrations from ExpressionEngine to WordPress efficient and successful.

As the global leading ExpressionEngine to WordPress provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

Learn more about how to make a migration from ExpressionEngine to WordPress work in your organization.

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