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Squarespace, is easy to get started with, but it can be limiting in it’s capacity for customization. Learn what WordPress can do for your website and if it’s the right solution. Our WordPress experts can migrate any size Squarespace site to a clean WordPress that you can manage. We’ll ensure that all of the content and design are transferred correctly so you can easily pick up where Squarespace left off. If WordPress is right for your website, our experts will provide hands-on support to help set it up and keep it running smoothly.
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Exploring Risks, Methods, and Strategies for Migrating from Squarespace

Migrating from Squarespace to another platform like WordPress can be a complex process that comes with several risks. Typical risks associated with migrating from Squarespace:

  • Data loss during the transfer, due to corruption or technician error
  • Search engine impacts and negatively influencing search appearances
  • Broken links or disrupted browsing experiences
  • Lost custom functionality

Experienced migration engineers are familiar with these risks and understand the correct processes and methods to avoid them. If you are considering migrating from Squarespace, it is important that you research your options and select a partner with the experience and knowledge necessary for a successful transition.

Transferring your organization’s website from Squarespace doesn’t have to feel daunting and scary. These are the most important methods, recommended by our engineers, for those switching from Squarespace:

  • Ensure everything is backed up, using industry-standard off-site methods, or minimally Google Drive, One Drive, etc.
  • Understand how hosting works and have a provider in place
  • Make a Migration Plan before getting into the technical aspects of transferring and converting your site
  • Seek out plugins and tools to enable the functionality your organization needs
  • Research the best page builders for WordPress and understand which is right for your website

Migration from Squarespace to another platform requires a thorough plan, detailed understanding of the risks involved and technical expertise. Hiring an experienced team or engineer can ensure that your website migration is successful and seamless.

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Why switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

Many organizations switch from Squarespace to WordPress to achieve strong search marketing capabilities, to build eCommerce functionality, design and build more freely, or gain some new critical functionality. If you’re thinking of migrating from Squarespace to WordPress, the solution is probably already clear for you, and the benefits need not be mentioned. But, we see so many organizations making the switch from Squarespace to WordPress, here’s the biggest reasons why:

  • WordPress offers more freedom for a customized website, when compared to Squarespace.
  • WordPress users have access to thousands of plugins for extended functionality.
  • Organizations can maintain complete ownership over their content on WordPress, and can move their site to any hosting company, at any time.
  • Migrating from Squarespace is pretty easy, because so many organizations are making the switch.

Your organization can transition without any major disruptions or data loss. Taking the time to create a thorough plan, understanding hosting and page builders, as well as researching plugins is essential for ensuring an efficient and successful migration from Squarespace.

Squarespace and WordPress both offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Squarespace is user-friendly, but its customization options can be limiting in the long run.

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