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Our migration service moves your Wix website content and design from the Wix platform to WordPress with no effort on your part. Eliminate the work and stress of migrating your website, let our engineers expertly move your content 100% securely. Make the switch and move pages, posts, menus, media files, tags, SEO URLs, metadata, and 301 redirects from your existing live Wix site.
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Wix to WordPress Migration

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Wix is a popular website builder platform for small- to medium-sized businesses, however, it’s not the only option out there. In fact, many businesses are finding success with other alternatives that could match or even surpass Wix’s capabilities in certain areas beyond its core offering of drag-and-drop templates only. So if you’re exploring options beyond Wix and want to find a web building CMS tailored towards your specific business needs then keep reading as we explore 5 of the best platforms which have emerged as worthwhile alternatives to Wix.

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With WordPress, you’re only limited by your imagination. This article explains why WordPress is better than GoDaddy Site Builder. Get a little insight into which platform might be right, and find out if its worth switching away from GoDaddy and to another popular CMS like WordPress.

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