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We provide advanced WordPress performance optimization services that focuses on improving organization’s website loading speeds and overall user experience. Our team uses a combination of optimizations strategies to deliver lightning-fast results for our clients in no time.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Explore & learn how WordPress Performance Optimization can bring value to your organization

Have your WordPress website optimized for performance.

Measure, analyze, and optimize the speed of your website

Our engineers are experienced in assessing website performance and identifying bottlenecks that could be slowing the site’s speed. We then execute our optimization strategies to improve page loading time, decrease server response times, reduce page size, defer render-blocking JavaScripts, minify CSS/JS files, optimize images and other elements of a website, and generally do everything reasonably possible to make your website load quickly.

Common techniques utilized as a part of our WordPress performance optimization service:

  • Implementing and optimizing caching technologies such as Redis and Varnish
  • Perform media optimization for images, videos, and other media
  • Implement .webp image formats
  • Implementing a PHP accelerator such as APC, eAccelerator, or Xcache
  • Implementing minification compression, and consolidation strategies for JS and CSS files
  • Enabling Gzip compression for pages/files on the website
  • Optimizing font delivery methods
  • Implementing server-level caching technologies
  • Query optimization
  • Setting up CDN/CDNs for static content delivery optimization
  • Unloading plugins, or optimizing page plugin loads
  • Optimizing hosting configurations

We work with organizations of all sizes to bring their websites up to speed. Our goal is to help clients increase page views, user engagement and conversion rates on their website using best practices for WordPress performance optimization.

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