Protect your WordPress Login Page

WordPress is as secure as most online publishing platforms or content management systems. Taking basic precautions to maintain your WordPress website can be enough for most WordPress websites. Protecting your website administrator log-in page for WordPress can be just one more precaution to protect your website.

So, let’s get into it and discuss the reasons why you’d protect your WordPress login page and then get into the ways you can go about protecting your WordPress login page. 

Security Benefits of Protecting Your WordPress Login Page

Many businesses have invest large sums of money into their website. Between development costs and content creations costs, websites can be expensive to build. Why wouldn’t you take all the precautions you could?

Most all vectors of attack for WordPress are centered around the login page, so taking extra precautions with the login page makes sense.

Why bother protecting your WordPress login page? What’s the point? 

When explaining brute force attacks on WordPress to someone, its easy to sound like a robot. The general idea is that a hacker guesses your password. If you can protect your login page, you can take extra precautions and do more to keep your WordPress website safe.

Protect your WordPress Login Page now

So what can you do to protect your WordPress’ log in page?

  • Don’t use ‘admin’ as username
  • Choose a strong password
  • Limit login attempts
  • Hide your login page
  • Customize your login page

Don’t use ‘admin’ as username

The absolute best security for your website and the best way you can protest your WordPress is to choose a strong password. It should be moderately complex, 100% unique, and not inspired by your life.

More tips on choosing a strong password for your WordPress site.

Limit login attempts

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