What is the difference between Maintenance, Management, and Support with regards to WordPress websites?

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Our company has a WordPress website and we are looking for help managing it. We don’t quite understand the differences between maintenance, management, and support when it comes to our WordPress site. Can you explain this further?


The client would like more information on the distinctions of maintenance, management, and support for their WordPress website.

What is the difference between Maintenance, Management, and Support with regards to WordPress websites?

Our team offers a variety of solutions for WordPress website managers and owners.

These solutions are, in most all cases, created specifically for a single unique organization. Principally, the three solutions (Management, Maintenance, and Support) are very similar and meet many of the same needs for an organization managing a WordPress website.

Distinction of Maintenance, Support and Management

When it comes to the differences between these three solutions, it is important to understand what each of them entails.


WordPress maintenance (typically offered as maintenance plans) are structured to keep your organization’s WordPress website up-to-date and secure at all times.

This service typically includes regular updates of WordPress core files, themes, plugins and any other software used on your website. This core service also often includes scheduled security checks for malicious code or malicious users trying to gain access.

Typical WordPress maintenance tasks:

  • Updating WordPress plugins and themes
  • Maintaining basic security plugins to protect the site
  • Monitoring site for problems and ensuring strong site health
  • Installing or configuring basic plugins for essential site functionality

Maintenance plans might also include a basic level of monitoring so that you can be alerted if there are any issues with your site – such as slow loading pages, downtime, or sudden spikes in traffic.

Learn more about WordPress Maintenance Services


WordPress management services typically involve more than just keeping things updated and monitored: they also provide additional value by helping you get the most out of your website.

This could include things like troubleshooting any issues you may have with the website, optimizing pages for better search performance, making sure your site is up to date on all the latest trends and technologies, or finding ways to improve usability.

Typical WordPress management tasks:

  • Implementing new features and plugins to meet team needs
  • Managing other administrators and support staff user accounts
  • AB testing in WordPress to improve UI and usability
  • Adding new content from the team
  • Managing posts or content on the site

The goal of any WordPress Management Service is typically to help improve the user experience of visitors coming to your website and ensure that they are getting all information they need in order for them convert on whatever it might be you’re trying to offer.

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WordPress support plans provide a dedicated team available around-the-clock who can quickly respond if there are any problems with your WordPress website. This includes technical support related issues such as debugging critical errors, resolving WordPress login issues, recovering hacked sites or configuring plugins; as well as more general requests such as content updates or design changes.

Typical WordPress support tasks:

  • Resolving issues with the website as they arise
  • Being available in the unlikely event that your WordPress website is down
  • Correcting issues with plugins or other functionality
  • Supporting your team with media file upload issues (like .webp images, etc.)
  • Addressing security breaches
  • Getting help with your WordPress website when you need it
  • Cleaning up a hacked WordPress website after an attack

Support plans also often cover educational resources, such as training videos and tutorials, to help you better understand how to use the WordPress platform.

Learn more about WordPress Support Services and view WordPress Website Support Plans

Service Providers Empower Stronger Organizational Focus on Mission

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to customize a plan that meets their needs — whether it’s just one of the services listed above, or a combination that gives them the most value for their budget. If you’d like to learn more about our WordPress maintenance, management and support plans, please get in touch!

Explore our website to learn more about managing and maintaining your organization’s website, and learn more about how utilizing a service provider to help you manage, maintain, and support your organization’s WordPress website.

Not sure if your organization needs this right now? Learn the 4 signs your organization needs WordPress support and identify if your organization could benefit from outsourcing the day-to-day WordPress tasks. Reducing costs, simplifying daily workload, reducing ‘technological-stress’, there are many things to consider before hiring WordPress support.

By partnering with an experienced WordPress provider, your organization can effectively focus on getting back to its mission. You can trust that your website is in capable hands and that all of the technical aspects of running it will be taken care of for you.

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