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We use Figma to design our app and our website, but we aren’t sure if Figma saves your progress automatically. Is there is a special way to save your work in Figma?


Does Figma automatically save as you work or do you need to manually save your progress as you go?

Does Figma automatically save?

Yes, Figma now supports autosave. And, it works beautifully!

Recently, Figma updated its autosave feature to allow users to work offline without worrying about losing changes.

To accomplish autosave, Figma engineers decided to store changes as a delta instead of the entire document, which posed several challenges due to the complexity of Figma’s multiplayer technology. They decided to go with IndexedDB for storage, and also created version history checkpoints to help with conflicts. The engineers faced numerous challenges: they had to be careful to avoid both missing and stale changes, and so they built several safeguards to ensure that the feature works as intended. In the end, this feature has really been a huge success and demonstrates the Figma engineering team’s ability to handle complex, interactive features.

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