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Does Figma require coding?

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Design and Figma


Our team lacks technical development expertise, but we have some design capacity. Does Figma require us to know how to code?


The client is concerned about the complexity and technical skills necessary to utilize Figma for design. They’d like to know if Figma requires knowledge of coding and coding languages.

Does Figma require coding?

No, Figma does not require coding. Figma is a vector-based design tool that allows users to create interfaces and work on collaborative projects. It is designed for easy use without any type of coding knowledge required.  It is a design and prototyping tool that can be used by anyone with minimal technical coding knowledge and is designed to provide a visual interface and has drag-and-drop capabilities to make creating complex designs easy.

You can use Figma to quickly create and share designs with others in your organization, regardless of the technical development expertise you may or may not possess.

Figma makes designing prototypes easy. You can then take your high fidelity prototypes or mockups to a developer who can bring your vision to reality with code.

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