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Elementor accessibility compliance – is Elementor ADA compliant?

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Elementor and WordPress

Elementor accessibility compliance – is Elementor ADA compliant?


We are considering Elementor for our new website, but we are concerned about Elementor’s ADA compliance. Is Elementor ADA compliant?


The client would like to know about Elementor ADA compliance and to specifically know if Elementor is ADA complaint.

Possible solution

Unfortunately, Elementor isn’t fully compliant–out of the box–and breaks many of the rules for accessibility. Thankfully, customizing Elementor and WordPress is easy to do. Building a WCAG/ADA compliant web site using Elementor today is possible, and there are numerous tools to help make it easy. 

The issue of accessibility is a burning question and very important consideration for web agencies world wide. Some agencies would say Elementor is not the best choice for clients affected by these legal requirements.

Non-conformance to ADA requirements is, in practice, discrimination and can lead to serious fines and negative publicity. 

Some typical issues we see regarding ADA (or WCAG 2.0) compliance of Elementor sites:

  • Tab-navigation doesn’t work as intended, and a customized navigation is required.
  • Not all items are correctly labeled, such as search and menu items
  • Video widgets may not play nicely with requirements and/or play with keyboard controls
  • Non-textual content may not be labeled correctly for those without sight
  • Heading orders, depending on development models, may not be ordered correctly

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