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We have a large number of Substack posts we’d like to feature on our WordPress website. What’s the easiest way to display or embed a Substack archive on a WordPress sidebar or page?


The client is looking for an easy way to embed or display a Substack archive on their WordPress website.

Embed Substack Archive on WordPress

Tools, software, plugins, etc. to embed an archive

If you’re looking to embed an archive in WordPress from Substack, these tools should have you covered! We’ll continue to add new tools as we discover them, so check back if you can’t find the right tool for your needs.


This little tool, priced at just $4/month, allows you to embed a Substack post list on any website, including WordPress. It doesn’t do a lot, but it does what it says. We haven’t used this tool much, but have seen it in the wild, working well to display a feed from Substack on a WordPress website.

This will allow your website to display an archive of all your posts from Substack in a sidebar, post, or page (or pretty much anywhere!) on any page.

Some features of Stackblocks:

  • Create upto 3 embeds per plan
  • Embed up to 20 issues per embed
  • Choose between Recent and Top issues
  • Formatting options include: show images, author name, and published date
  • Customize things like background and text colors
  • Filter posts in a particular section of Substack
  • Custom styling, which lets you add CSS code to perfectly match your website branding

It’s easy to use, too. To get started, just open up stackblocks and head to ‘Embed’ tab on the menu bar. From there you will need to enter your substack URL as well as any additional settings you would like (like embed size etc.). Click save when done and now you should be able to see an archive of posts from Substack’s RSS feed in a sidebar block on your website!

$4/mo and a 7 day free trial

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