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Fignel – what is it and how can we use it?

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Elementor and Figma and WordPress


What is Fignel? Does it work? How can we use this plugin to shorten the Figma design-to-production timeline?


The client wants to know about Fignel. They want to know if this new tool works and also how they could use it in their design process.

Fignel – what is it and how can we use it?

Fignel is a new beta plugin that allows you to quickly and easily convert your Figma design into a live Elementor website with just a few clicks.

What is Fignel?

Fignel is an early beta tool that designers can use to convert a Figma design into an Elementor-based WordPress website automatically. It is available as a plugin for Figma through the Fignel website and on the Fignel plugin community page at Figma.

Fignel is a plugin that enables users to quickly and easily convert Figma designs into live Elementor websites with just a few clicks.

It includes Auto Layout properties for components, allowing pages or individual components to be converted in one click. Fignel currently offers several widgets including Sections, Columns, Text, Heading, Image (not uploading images at this moment), Video (paste any link from YouTube or elsewhere) and Form. A free plan is available for users who want to save time while working with Elementor.

“Fignel helps you reduce development time by up to 75% and allows you to instead focus on perfecting the tiniest details of your website, rather than starting from a blank slate.”

Fignel helps developers and designers save time by converting designs to Elementor. It plans to allow users to convert over 60 powerful widgets, unlimited creation capabilities, designer-made templates for download, dynamic content support and VIP customer service options.

From the Fignel website: “From now on all focus on design. Take your sites, landing pages and popups to the edge.” they explain. “Design with the most popular design tool [Figma], give style to your designs and convert everything to Elementor on WordPress without using a single line of code.”

Fignel website homepage screenshot, December 28, 2022.

According to their website, “Fignel helps you to convert your Figma design in to a live Elementor website just in a few clicks. Simply use Auto Layout properties for your for your components and convert in one click to live WordPress website. You can convert a full page or single components with our plugin.”

Read more about the Fignel tool and follow for announcements on the Figma community page for the project.

How can we use Fignel in our Figma to Elementor workflow?

As the creators explain: “We created Fignel for Designer and Web Creators, who love design and development”. In their Community Doc, they offer: “We provide you the opportunity to create web projects more efficiently and interestingly by using Figma and Elementor.”

They suggest the tool uses “ready-made templates” and Figma’s auto-layout to create simple landing pages in Elementor Pro.

“Fignel helps you to convert your Figma design in to a live Elementor pages just in a few clicks.”

With Fignel, the creator claims you can automatically transfer/manage these Elementor modules:

  • Sections
  • Columns
  • Text editor sections
  • Headings
  • Images (no auto-uploads, though)
  • Videos (with link to Youtube, etc.)

Pretty impressive!

This tool sounds incredibly promising and could one day be a great timesaver! The product is available now, in beta, at a fairly reasonable price for an early-production tool like this.

Some mixed reports are around about the new challenges presented by this tool, and some extraneous code output, and it is generally a pretty small number of modules, so this might only be useful for the most basic of websites.

This is an interesting tool that we’re very excited to see available, but it looks like for most businesses and larger organizations, this tool simply wouldn’t make the cut for a DIY-route, especially considering the technical requirements to really work with the tool.

Final word on Fignel

Our team is especially excited to see how this kind of new tool will benefit our clients and help reduce their costs. What a timesaver this sort of tool could be in everyone’s workflow.

We foresee a time when more basic aspects of a Figma to WordPress project could be managed with tools like this, giving developers time to focus on real challenges that could improve the overall outcome of the project, improve user-experience, and generally be a real benefit to everyone.

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