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I run a popular newsletter, but I don’t monetize it. Is there an easy way to start my own paid newsletter subscription service? Ideally, I’d be able to manage payments through Stripe or similar and it just work with the tools I already use.


The client needs a way to accept payment and manage paid newsletter subscribers.

How to set up a paid newsletter and sell subscriptions?

There are numerous options for newsletter creators who want to monetize their newsletters and start selling newsletter subscriptions to their readers. Depending on how you already manage and deliver your newsletter might dictate the best option for you and your newsletter. 

If you already deliver your newsletter by Sendgrid, Mailgun, SendFox, or some similar SMTP/mail delivery service, a great option is PicoMail. 

“If you have a paid newsletter, or would like to start one, PicoMail is for you. PicoMail is the only service dedicated exclusively to getting newsletter creators paid.” the creator Topher Wilson explains on their website. Wilson, who has built several SaaS products before PicoMail says “I advocate lean, uncomplicated tech stacks, user-first business decisions, and “if in doubt push-ahead” development practices.” 

PicoMail is a lean solution for newsletter creators. It’s dead simple. It does the thing. It makes adding paid subscriptions super easy, and it works well. 

“PicoMail handles all the billing for your newsletter in a simple, clean, and easy to use manner. There is no website to setup, no WordPress plugin to install, none of that hassle.”

It works with your existing mail service and can get you up and running in around 15 minutes collecting payments from subscribers, who will find it easy to signup and pay within 20 seconds.

PicoMail handles all billing related tasks like updating subscriptions info, invoices, cancellations etc., while also providing a useful dashboard analytics so you’re always informed about how your newsletter is doing. There’s one flat fee per month ($29/m) that comes with unlimited newsletters & subscribers as well compatibility for Mailgun & SendFox (with more coming soon). Plus there’s a free 14 day trial available if you need it!

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