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In Joomla, how to export articles to csv?

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We are using the Joomla CMS and want a way of exporting our article data into CSV format. Is there any existing method or extension that we can use for this purpose?


The client needs a straightforward solution for exporting their current article data from within their Joomla CMS into CSV format.

In Joomla, how to export articles to csv?

Joomla export articles to CSV

Yes, there are a couple of ways you can export Joomla articles to CSV.

The most popular choice is to use a third-party extension for Joomla that will export your article data from within the Joomla platform directly as CSV files for further analysis and easy import/export purposes.

How to Export Articles from Joomla using an Extension

There are many different extensions available in the official Joomla Extensions Directory that allow users to quickly and easily export articles with their meta information, images, categories etc., as .csv files from within the platform. All of these require simple one-time setup steps which involve installing the extension on your website via FTP or control panel.

When you have the extension installed, for each of these plugins, it is necessary to set up a few settings according your export requirements. From here, you can choose which articles and categories to export, set the character encoding for your CSV file, and specify an output format (e.g., Excel or tab-separated). The extension should then generate a CSV file containing all of the data required for further analysis or easy import/export purposes.

The Best CSV Export Plugins for Joomla

RO CSVI for Joomla


“RO CSVI is an import and export component” that helps your organization by enabling you to “import and export data into and from different Joomla components. Every component features its own import and export types to allow control over every part of the component” explains the developers RolandD.

RO CSVI features include:

  • Advanced replacement rules
  • Import from: local computer, text field, from server, URL, FTP server, Database, Google Sheets
  • Export to: local computer, on server, FTP server, Email file, Database dump, send to Google Sheets
  • Watermark images by batch in process
  • ICEcat product specifications (if needed)
  • A range of import and export filters
  • Cron job support, automate import and export tasks
  • Front-end import/export with GUI
  • Supports: CSV files, XLS files, XLSX files, ODT format, JSON and XML files

Learn more about the RO CSVI plugin on the Joomla Extensions Directory page.

Export Joomla users to Excel or CSV

Export users to Excel or CSV file

The Export Users tool allows users to download your Joomla website’s users in CSV (and Excel) format with a few clicks.

It supports exporting of Joomla standard user fields, contacts and user-profile fields (available in separate editions), group selection for export, filtering by field values or date range, profile sharing functions and personal data downloads. Users report its compatible with Joomla 1.6 – 3.x versions.

Most reviewers focus on the tool being used to migrate users from one version of Joomla to another using the Import Users extension. That doesn’t mean you can’t export the user list as a CSV, but it’s really just more capable than exporting simple CSV files.

This tool also includes an “Export Profile” feature which saves exporting templates with selected preferences and filters, allowing you to use it multiple times later on by just clicking a button. This might be useful for anyone managing users or doing data analysis on user data, but not as useful perhaps for migrations or Joomla upgrades.

Learn more about the Export users to Excel or CSV file plugin on the Joomla Extensions Directory page.

Other Plugins and Tools for Migrating Your Joomla Website

There are other tools available for more complex migrations, such as FG Joomla to WordPress, which allows users to easier manage the process of moving their Joomla website content into your WordPress database.

Additionally, there are a couple of other tools available for migrating data from one version of Joomla to another, such as the Migrator Tool. This is a more complex tool that requires technical know-how and is aimed at developers or anyone who has the resources for an in-depth migration process.

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