Is there an easy way to add Font Awesome to Figma?

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I’d like to add Font Awesome to Figma so I can use the icons in my design. Is this possible? What’s the easiest way to add Font Awesome icons support in Figma?


The client would like to add Font Awesome to Figma so the icons would be available for use designs made with the tool.

Is there an easy way to add Font Awesome to Figma?

It really is easy to use Font Awesome icons in Figma, today.

The easiest way to use Font Awesome icons in Figma is to use a plugin. Font Awesome hasn’t really done the best job supporting Figma, but community users have stepped up with great solutions that make using Font Awesome icons in Figma really easy.

Using Font Awesome in Figma Desktop App

If you use the Figma desktop app predominately, then there’s an awesome solution for you.

“By default, Figma supports Font Awesome” explains the Figma team.

Just install the Font Awesome icon fonts to your computer, restart Figma, and boom! You now have Font Awesome icons natively right in Figma.

Options for Font Awesome support in the browser

This Figma plugin allows users to search through the 1,612 CC icons for use in user interface and user experience designs. The plugin features drag & drop any icons (or graphics), plus an instant search feature that includes the ability to click on any icon to add it into a design quickly and easily. It works pretty well, but doesn’t include every icon you might need. 

Font Awesome Icons Figma Plugin by Iconduck official Figma community plugin page

Here’s another plugin that offers similar features. Currently boasting over 300k users!

According to the plugin creator, Vyacheslav Myskov, this plugin is “the unofficial plugin for the Font Awesome Icon Collection.” Users love this plugin, and there are a lot of really big fans.

“The plugin provides access to the entire free icon collection.” They explain, “All icons are in vector format.” which we think is totally Awesome. They say: the “plugin allows you to filter the list of icons by name.” And, it works. 

Font Awesome Icons Figma Plugin by Vyacheslav Myskov official Figma community plugin page

To use Font Awesome 6 icons in Figma, users can sign into their account and download the font from the menu. Alternatively, users may also batch place them and create components of each icon or utilize a similar icon library to share design with an extra note/comment added. The most effective compromise for dealing with fonts is through Figma’s community file that offers fixed-size versions at all sizes needed.

If you’re unfamiliar, there are several strong options to consider as alternative to Font Awesome.

Here’s a very popular Figma plugin, with a whopping 700k active users!

Material Design Icons provides instant access to the entire Material Design Icons library, with 35,000+ icons in PNG and SVG at your fingertips. Search by name or scroll through the list; filter by category; change style, size, and color. 6800+ free icons are provided by Google while 28000+ come from Icons8 (with a link back request). Standard styles include outlined, filled sharp rounded an two-tone options for all types of designs.

Material Design Icons Plugin by Icons8 the official plugin community page on Figma

Additional reading

  • Here’s another support doc from Figma talking about alternative methods for using Font Awesome in Figma. The instructions aren’t the clearest, but there is some great info included that may be useful for anyone trying to get Font Awesome working correctly in Figma [read online]
  • Here’s more information from Font Awesome about using their icons in desktop apps like Figma, Illustrator, etc. [read online at Font Awesome]


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