Modify – What is it? How can we use this Figma plugin?

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We heard about the Modify plugin for Figma, does it work? Does anyone have experience using this tool to improve exporting from Figma to WordPress?


The client would like information about the “Modify” plugin for Figma.

Modify – What is it? How can we use this Figma plugin?

What is Modify?

Modify is a website builder plugin for Figma that allows users to create designs of any complexity and export them directly as ready-made websites.

The process involves installing the plugin, selecting frames, setting up interactions, exporting to the website and managing it with a file in Figma – no coding required!

This Figma plugin is currently in beta so some features may not work correctly yet but the development team is actively working on improving this tool.

As of this publishing in January 2023, the plugin has 3,000 users, but no reviews or comments about how it works and no updates in 4 months.

Learn more about the Modify plugin for Figma on the official community page for Modify.

How to use Modify

To get started with the Modify plugin, visit the official community page for the plugin. Then, click ‘Try it out’ to install the plugin.

Follow the prompts to continue installation and get started using Modify. It seems like a great plugin that will save designers a lot of time.

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