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My WordPress site is down


Our WordPress website is down. What should we do?


The client is having an issue with their website being down and they cannot log in. They have received an email from Jetpack which states the server may be overloaded, underpowered or misconfigured. The client has migrated to WordPress using SiteGround for hosting but they are unable to renew the domain through WordPress since it is no longer hosted there.

A client is having trouble accessing their website, which was originally started on and then migrated to with Siteground for hosting. It appears the domain may have expired, but the client cannot renew it through WordPress since it is no longer hosted by them. They are seeking help as they don’t know what to do next.

How can we resolve this issue with the client’s website being down and them unable to log in?

Possible solution

This particular issue sounds to be quite compounded and rather unique. A support member will be in contact with you to resolve this issue for your organization right away.

If a site is slow or intermittent, you should make sure that the theme and it’s plugins are all as up to date as possible.

  • Contact SiteGround for help in setting up and renewing the domain name, if necessary.
  • Diagnose any underlying issues that may be causing performance problems on the website or log-in page, such as conflicts with plugins or coding errors.

You may also want to check if there’s any plugins that you do not need installed – a site that has too many plugins can cause slowness and affect performance.

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