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Elementor and WordPress


We think we’re having a problem with Google Analytics tracking code working right in Elementor pages. What are some basic troubleshooting ideas for Analytics issues in Elementor?


The client is having a problem with Google Analytics tracking working correctly on an Elementor-based WordPress website.

Problem with Google Analytics tracking code in Elementor

Troubleshooting Google Analytics Tracking Issues in Elementor WordPress Websites

When troubleshooting Google Analytics tracking issues in Elementor WordPress websites, make sure the tracking code is pasted correctly, that ‘All Pages’ or ‘Entire Site’ are selected for Display Conditions, clear site and browser caches and cookies, double check your UA number (tracking ID), verify with other devices or networks to see if requests are being blocked, and confirm that no other scripts/plugins on your website are blocking the tracking code.

Troubleshooting Google Analytics tracking issues for Elementor WordPress websites:

  • Ensure that the tracking code is pasted correctly. We suggest it being pasted as a Custom Code in the Elementor-native Custom Code manager. This is the best-practice.
  • Make sure you don’t have a Display Conditions issue. Make sure ‘All Pages’ or ‘Entire Site’ is selected for Display Conditions.
  • Clear the WordPress site cache, any object cache tools, CDNs, Cloudflare, ‘Regenrate Files’, and clear combined JS and CSS.
  • Clear your browser cache and browser cookies.
  • Double check that you are using the correct UA number (tracking ID) for the property you are trying to track.
  • Verify with another device or network, as sometimes network-level security can block requests.
  • Confirm that the tracking code is not being blocked by any other scripts or plugins on your website (e.g., caching plugins, security plugins).

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