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What steps can we take to resolve the issue with our website being down due to a WooCommerce plugin update failure?


The client’s WooCommerce website is down after performing plugin updates. They need assistance getting their site back online quickly.

Website down after WooCommerce updates

WooCommerc site down? You’ll be back online quickly

For current BIG clients:

Please reach out to your agency contact to have your website recovered right away. If you are a current WordPress maintenance or WordPress management subscriber, you will be back online in no time at all. Your team will recover your website from a managed off-site backup. Typically, this process takes 15 minutes to 1 hour to complete.


If you are not currently an active BIG client:

Firstly, if your team lacks the technical capacity to resolve this situation, and you need assistance immediately, please contact our team and provide as much information as you have regarding the situation.

Resolving a critical error in WooCommerce

If your team has some technical capacity and you only need some information about getting back online, we’ve compiled some resources to help you with that.

#1: Disable WooCommerce plugin manually via FTP

Pretty straightforward to do: just head to your plugin folder via FTP and change the name of the WooCommerce plugin folder to something else, i.e. ‘0ld-woo’, ‘old-woocommerce’, etc.

#2: Disable all plugins manually via FTP

Similar to the previous strategy, just rename the plugins folder itself to disable everything.

#3: Revert to a backup

Hopefully, you’ve taken a full backup of your WordPress website before updating WooCommerce. If not, and if your hosting provider does regular backups, restore your site from the most recent backup prior to the update.

#4: Reach out to us for WordPress support and forget about it

If the issue is not resolved, and you don’t know what’s going on with it, this may be more technical than anticipated. At this point, you may need to contact an engineer or developer who can assist in resolving the issue quickly.

Additional reading

Here’s some basic information about a critical error and how to recover your site after a critical error like this:

  • WP Beginner explains the basics of recovery and explains a little about what might be wrong with your website. [read online at WPBeginner]
  • Useful support topic about a similar situation with some interesting details about the cause and solution.

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