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Our agency is looking to provide a more seamless integration and white-label our deliverables. We use WordPress, so we’re wondering what are the best WordPress plugins for white label?


The client would like to know about the best WordPress plugin options for White Label.

What are the best WordPress white label plugins?

We reviewed the best white label WordPress plugins for 2023 to answer this question, so you can create successful websites.

All of these plugins offer features designed to help improve your website usability, performance and security. We hope this list helps you find the perfect plugin for your needs!

WordPress is an incredibly helpful content management system, and white label WordPress plugins provide additional features to make your website even more powerful. We’ve put together a list of the best white label WordPress plugins in 2023 so that you can get started easily with building successful websites.

The Best White Label WordPress Plugins

These plugins will help optimize SEO performance, increase security protection for your site, improve user experience with unique functionalities and designs, as well as enhance productivity overall. All these tools are essential for anyone looking to create high-quality web projects quickly and affordably.

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WP Admin UI Customize

The WP Admin UI Customize plugin allows you to customize the WordPress dashboard, including the background and color of your dashboard, adding a logo or removing the WordPress logo (if applicable), changing fonts and sizes, colors and more.

The plugin provides custom CSS that enables users to match their brand’s look-and-feel. The plugin offers features like customizing the dashboard display options tab; output meta site; admin bar (toolbar); admin menu (side menu); meta boxes management; login screen customization, as well as other additional functionalities the developer states are coming soon.

White Label CMS for WordPress

White Label CMS is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to create a white-label CMS for their clients, with easy installation in less than 5 minutes and lots of customization options. This helps small businesses and startups customize the look of their website without having to hire an expert designer or developer.

This plugin is a great tool for developers to offer their clients a more personalized and less confusing content management system. It allows users to customize the login page, add branding elements to the header and footer of the admin area, control which menus appear for their client, and quickly set up customized dashboards using an intuitive wizard. This helps create an experience that feels like your own website rather than just another generic one.

Ultimate Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Dashboard is a popular WordPress plugin for customizing and optimizing the admin dashboard. It allows users to remove default widgets, create custom ones such as icons, text & HTML and white-label login areas with Login Customizer features.

This plugin also provides additional features like redirecting users after login on a per-role basis using Login Redirect feature; removing 3rd party widgets; restricting dashboards & pages access and adding custom CSS code only to the WP dashboard or entire admin area.

We love that it offers export/import settings capability making it easy for other admins to quickly setup similar configurations!

Custom Dashboard & Login Page – AGCA

The Custom Dashboard & Login Page – AGCA plugin makes it easy to customize the WordPress admin panel, login page, and menu bar.

You can hide elements or change colors for branding purposes; create different roles for users; add buttons that send emails when someone does an action; plus much more!

It also comes integrated with a Colorizer tool so you can easily adjust default WP settings in regards to backgrounds and text. If you need even more advanced customization options then be sure to check out their PRO version of this plugin.

WordPress Hide Dashboard Access

The Hide Dashboard Access plugin allows users to limit the dashboard access of their WordPress site to administrators, editors and authors. Users can also choose a redirect URL, allow user profile access or display a message on the login screen.

You can select which capabilities are required for accessing various sections of your website as well as set up a message on login screens when desired. Plus, this sweet little plugin provides capabilities that enable hiding menu nodes from other plugins and themes both in the admin panel page view and front-end viewing perspectives.

Agencies and website owners want white label solutions

If you are looking for other ways of white labeling your WordPress, we’ve covered this topic a lot recently, so feel free to browse this article which discusses all options for WordPress white labeling and goes beyond just plugins. This article discusses how you can improve user experience with white labeling using design systems.

We’re big fans of white labeling, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your thoughts and concerns about introducing this to your organization.

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