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You mentioned Figma’s conference – Schema – what is it? What can you share about the conference? How can we learn more about the conference?


The client would like to know more about Schema, the design conference hosted by Figma.

What is the Figma Schema conference?

Schema by Figma is a series of design conferences hosted by Figma. These events focus on design systems, collaboration, prototyping, and other topics related to Figma.

Speakers include experienced Figma users, designers, developers, and product managers. These events are held in cities around the world and are invite-only. Outside of the event programming, there are meetups held in each city for those looking to connect with their local design communities. There is a virtual livestream for those who are unable to attend in person.

“There’s a particular type of energy that culminates during Schema between designers and developers,” says Anthony DiSpezio. “Designers start sharing ideas for extensions and integrations, while developers share some of the amazing things they’re building. All that culminates during Schema.”

Anthony DiSpezio is talking about the process of creating and maintaining a design system. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration between designers and developers, and how their shared enthusiasm can lead to more efficient and effective design solutions.

Schema is dedicated to the topic of design systems. It offers a space to explore the unique opportunities and challenges of design systems, and the talk selection process is focused on finding the right balance between innovation and understanding for those new to the topic. It is a niche subset of Config, which is a larger user conference about design writ large.

“How do teams approach developer handoff? What other tools do teams use to improve the relationships between designers and developers?” asks Joel Miller, a product designer working on developer tools at Figma. “What are teams doing to achieve parity across their design systems in code and in Figma?”

Jacob Miller delivers the Schema 2022 London Opening Keynote Video, from the Schema Conference Kickoff:

Is Schema happening in 2023?

Will Figma be hosting Schema conference again in 2023? We hear the team is working on assembling a 2023 Schema Conference, dates and more information will be made available on the Schema website.

Other events by Figma

Beyond the Schema Conference, Figma hosts many events throughout the year. Exciting events happening include the Figma Config Conference 2023 and their workshop series continues to educate.

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