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Where is my WordPress site hosted?

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Development and WordPress


We want to figure out where our WordPress site is hosted, but we can’t remember who the host is. How can we find out where our WordPress site is hosted?


The client needs help understanding where their WordPress website is hosted, but they don’t have a lot of information about their site or the hosting.

Where is my WordPress site hosted?

Finding the current web host for your WordPress website is easy.

We suggest a Hosting Checker tool, like or


How to find your WordPress Website’s Host

Follow this guide to learn how to figure out where and who is hosting your WordPress website.

Time needed: 2 minutes

It’s super easy to lookup your website’s host, regardless of platform (WordPress, or anything else). Here’s how to find out where a WordPress site is hosted:

  1. Visit either of the suggested web hosting checking tools.

  2. Enter your website’s domain

    Include the whole thing, like

  3. Inspect host for your WordPress website

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