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May 27, 2024
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Joomla is an Open Source content management system (or CMS, for short) that allows organizations to create and manage websites. It is a popular CMS used by many organizations because it is user-friendly, has robust features, offers scalability and security, provides flexibility for customizations, offers extensibility through plugins/extensions and templates or themes. Joomla integrates with other services such as shopping carts or mailing lists with ease. Most organizations enjoy the features, but also the affordable price when compared to alternative solutions.

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Joomla Website Migration WordPress

February 2, 2024

Looking to migrate your user database from Joomla to WordPress? Get detailed steps for both automated migration using the FG Joomla plugin and manual migration. Find essential tips on how to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer without losing any data.
Explore The Best Joomla Alternatives - it's like comparing spices and ingredients for building your website, like the spices in this photo taken at the market in 2022


May 8, 2023

Are you thinking about Joomla? Learn about the leading alternatives to Joomla in 2023 and explore which CMS platform might be right for your organization’s next website.

Joomla Website Migration

February 1, 2023

Explore how to easy it is to export articles from Joomla to a CSV file using one of many third-party extension options. Read our guide on the best export plugins for Joomla and start exporting your content quickly and easily!

Joomla Website Migration WordPress

February 1, 2023

The FG Joomla to WordPress plugin migrates sections, categories, posts, images and media from Joomla to WordPress. It is compatible with versions 1.5 through 4.0 and comes with a Premium version that includes extra features such as navigation menus migration and SEO optimization.

Joomla Website Migration

January 28, 2023

Learn how to export content from Joomla with these instructions. Includes tips for backing up your website before exporting, understanding file formats and more.

Joomla Website Migration WordPress

January 14, 2023

Looking to upgrade your organization’s website from Joomla to WordPress? Our solution makes the transition easy and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the limitations of Joomla and hello to modern features and customization options with WordPress. Our migration engineers are experts in their field, ensuring a smooth transition that protects your existing content. Discover how migrating from Joomla to WordPress can benefit your organization, while learning about our process for empowering you on this new platform. Make the switch today with our global leading Joomla to WordPress Migration services.


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