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May 27, 2024
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Todays Security articles

Security Squarespace

April 17, 2024

Explore the security measures in place to protect Squarespace websites from online threats. Find out if these security efforts are enough for your organization.
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Security WordPress

March 7, 2024

Boost the security of your WordPress website with two-factor authentication. This guide covers reliable 2FA plugins and steps to install and adjust settings for increased user protection.
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Security WordPress

February 23, 2024

Explore the techniques to prevent hotlinking, safeguard server resources, and maintain your website’s optimum performance.

Development Security

February 20, 2024

Explore the pros and cons of having your company’s website and email service on the same hosting provider. Discover the impact on reliability, performance, specialization, flexibility, and security. Balance cost-efficiency against risk distribution and understand how this decision could affect your internal operations and brand representation.
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ExpressionEngine Security

May 22, 2023

If your ExpressionEngine website is hacked, learn the steps to take to resolve the issue and get your website back online and secure. A hacked ExpressionEngine website is critical and must be addressed immediately.

Security WordPress

May 11, 2023

Protect your website from unauthorized access attempts and malicious activities with our enterprise WordPress security services. Our team of experienced engineers provides comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to Enterprise-level customers. We help ensure that your mission-critical website is always secure. Don’t let hackers compromise the valuable information on your site.
Study Finds Data Breaches Have Long-Term Impact on Company Reputation

Data Security

December 21, 2022

A new study from Interbrand and Infosys has found that data breaches can have long-term impacts on company reputation, with estimates of up to $223 billion in financial losses across the world’s top brands. The report identified three main factors impacted by a breach: Presence, affinity, and trust – all of which are essential for companies operating digital platforms. Businesses should take steps to ensure customer experience and data security is maintained at all times or risk damaging their reputations as well as incurring significant costs associated with such incidents.

Security WordPress

December 12, 2022

Off-site backups are essential for any WordPress website and provide a critical layer of protection against data loss. Investing in off-site backups can help ensure that any data loss or website downtime is kept to a minimum and can save time and money in the long run.

Security WordPress

April 25, 2022

WordPress managers need to take precautions when it comes to properly securing their WordPress website. The top two WordPress security plugins in 2023 are Wordfence Security and Securi. These tools provide the features you need to protect your WordPress website.
Protect WordPress Login Page

Security WordPress

April 11, 2022

Protecting your WordPress login page is vitally important for website security. Organizations can reduce risk of data loss, protect their brand, and save money by taking security precautions with the login page.
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