What happens to a WordPress website if you don’t maintain it?

WordPress security updates - what happens if a wordpress website is not maintained

WordPress is a platform for developing websites. It is updated frequently, and is maintained through an Open Source structure. 

You should always update WordPress to the latest version.

Short term concerns when you don’t maintain a WordPress website

When you allow your WordPress websites to become outdated, the WordPress community issues updates to address security vulnerabilities and to improve the platform. In most cases, updates make no change to the function of your website.

What updates do are make available patches to security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are taken advantage of by attackers and your website could be compromised! Security plugins for WordPress aren’t enough, you really must keep your software up to date.

What happens if I don’t upgrade WordPress? 

Upgrading WordPress is essential! WordPress should be kept upgraded at all times.

If you don’t upgrade your WordPress website, it will be vulnerable to attackers who will hack your website and steal your data and hosting, often using your account to sell elicit drugs or adult content. 

  • You fail to install WordPress updates:
  • Your website becomes vulnerable to attack
  • A hacker finds your outdated website
  • Your website is compromised and your site hacked
  • The attacker uses your website to sell illegal products
  • The attacker uses your e-mail to send spam

What is a WordPress update?

WordPress updates allows WordPress to inform users when a new version of WordPress software is available. It is HIGHLY recommended that you download these updates as soon as they are available to ensure the security of your WordPress website. 

Should you install WordPress updates?

Yes, absolutely! WordPress updates should be installed on any website! 

How soon should you install WordPress updates?

WordPress updates should be installed as they are released. Websites that depend on specific functionality should employ someone with the expertise to handle the updates. For many websites, it is as simple as clicking “Update”.

What if the developer told us not to update it?

If a developer has told you explicitly not to update your WordPress, we strongly encourage you to seek additional advice from other experts. In other words: fire your developer! 

WordPress should be updated and kept up to date. It should never be allowed to “get left behind”.

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