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Performing maintenance on a WordPress website requires focus, attention, and technical skills.

WordPress websites require regular updates, backups, security measures, performance optimization and troubleshooting. Prepare your organization with the capacity necessary to maintain the valuable asset that is your website. 

Strengthen your technical capacities and never worry about your WordPress website again. Hands-off, worry-free, enterprise-grade WordPress maintenance.

WordPress Maintenance Services & Solutions

For many organizations, WordPress website maintenance is a mission-critical task.

Overall, WordPress maintenance encompasses a collection of technical tasks that are performed on a regular basis to keep an organization’s WordPress website operating smoothly. These tasks can include things like updating WordPress core software files and plugins, backing up the site, and providing security against hacking attempts.

In order to ensure that a WordPress website remains safe and secure, regular maintenance must be performed. This applies broadly, to include both newly built WordPress websites and older websites built in years past.

WordPress maintenance is the process of handling and managing the technical side of a WordPress website, including content updates and security monitoring. Some leaders may call this Webmaster services, some think of it as maintenance, others as full website management.

The WordPress Maintenance services your organization needs will be unique, with a unique service schedule designed to keep your website operating smoothly, and your team operating without worry or concern at all for the website.

Critical software updates

One of the most basic elements of WordPress maintenance, and certainly the most important. WordPress core and the plugins you have installed should be updated regularly (weekly, is preferred) to ensure that any security patches are applied quickly. Outdated versions of WordPress or plugins can be vulnerable to security threats, so it is important that they are updated as soon as possible when new versions are released. Not only does this WordPress Maintenance service include critical software update, basic QA is included for all plans.

Website backups

No matter the size or kind of WordPress website you are maintaining, keeping regular backups is essential. Our engineers suggest keeping a fresh off-site back taken weekly for even the simplest websites, and daily, or even hourly, for mission-critical operations. Our systems keep your site’s backups in multiple secure locations for assured retrieval and restoration quickly.

Security & WordPress hardening

For any organization, protecting your site is a critical aspect of WordPress maintenance. Holistic security measures should be taken to protect the site from potential bad actors that attempt to gain access to your WordPress website. At the most basic level, this would include enforcing strong passwords and two-factor authentication, monitoring for suspicious activity, and managing a firewall with rate throttling.

Content changes

As your organization adapts and grow, you’ll want to make changes to your website. This might be as simple as a new team member, or a new phone number or location, but could include anything you can imagine to do on your website. New pages, adding new blog posts, editing existing pages, changes to graphics, or anything your team needs to achieve your goals and focus on your mission.

Your organization's website is too important to neglect.

WordPress maintenance is beneficial for most all organizations, and leaders find benefits of outsourcing WordPress maintenance far outweigh the service costs.

Keep websites up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly–make sure your organization’s website performs as expected. Plus, regular maintenance can help identify and resolve potential issues or vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

The minimal costs for WordPress maintenance recurred monthly can often be only a small percentage of the costs for organizations to recover following a security breach or from a technical failure at the hosting level.

An additional point of benefit leaders can enjoy, beyond the peace-of-mind found in knowing their website is secure, backed up, and updated… they can know they have hands-on knowledge… for organizations, this translates to a reduction in employee-damages from poor training, reduced overall downtime, and increased brand reputation. 

Peace-of-mind for your team

WordPress maintenance services provide organizations, and their key stakeholders, peace-of-mind. Available online nationwide to keep your company present & secure.

We all have multiple daily commitments, and often, staying on top of our website falls to the bottom of the list. As a business owner or organizational leader, you have enough on your plate without having to constantly check if your website is working or do the 27 new Critical Updates awaiting your attention.

If you’re running a mission-critical organization and you have a WordPress website, you need to invest in maintenance, there’s no way to avoid it. Investing in website maintenance can save you time, money, and headaches down the road. It’s an essential part of any organization’s online presence and can not be overlooked.

Neglecting your website is apparant to potential customers, donors, or citizens. Folks notice if your WordPress website needs maintenance, exactly as they’d notice if your city stopped maintaining the parks, streets, or facilities. Together, our engineers help your organization minimize maintenance costs through dedicated focus and experience.

Table of Contents

A comprehensive WordPress Maintenance solution

Our WordPress maintenance and support service includes everything your organization (from marketing team to product team) may require. Truly enterprise-grade WordPress maintenance. Service agreements are available to meet the needs of organizations from most any industry and at any size and scale. 

24/7 Security Monitoring

Secure your investment. Never worry about hacks again.

Malware Removal

Your team of WordPress security experts has your back. In the unlikely event your site is compromised, get same-day malware removal. 

Unlimited updates

WordPress Core updates, plugins, and themes. Updates checked and performed weekly for all accounts. 

Hosting Migration

Free & Stress-free hosting and website transfer. Upgrade onto our enterprise hosting with ease.

Enterprise-Grade Hosting

True enterprise-grade hosting. 99.999% uptime. Fastest WordPress hosting. Snappy page loads from top-of-the-line servers.

Daily Off-Site Backups

Ensure your investment is intact. Enterprise-grade backup SOP.

Breathe easy knowing your WordPress site is in good hands.

WordPress care plans from a trusted WordPress Support Partner. A team that supports every aspect of your WordPress site.

Not sure which WordPress Maintenance plan is right for your business?

Worry-free WordPress website maintenance: end-to-end maintenance solution

Your organization depends on your WordPress website for daily operations. It is absolutely crucial to maintain a reliable online presence for almost any organization or company. Without regular maintenance, your site is vulnerable and can suffer from technical issues or be subject to hacking. Our WordPress Maintenance Service covers all aspects of maintenance to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you never worry about your WordPress website.

Supporting your organization

Our WordPress maintenance solution keeps your website up to date, fresh, and safe. Dedicated WordPress Website Support team, available to you, as needed.

Expert maintenance engineers

Our WordPress engineering team is available to maintain your WordPress website with the utmost care and attention.

WordPress Maintenance Services

With extensive experience maintaining WordPress websites, let our team care for your WordPress website. Maintenance services for WordPress websites of any size.

WordPress Technical Support

As the global leader in WordPress security and WordPress development, we’re here to support your mission.

USA-based WordPress maintenance agency that supports organizations of any size.

As the global leading Enterprise WordPress Maintenance Service provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

As a full-service provider, we can help your organization achieve more. Our expertise goes beyond WordPress maintenance and support.

WordPress Management Services

For organizations preferring a more hands-off approach to digital presence, a comprehensive WordPress management solution that meets a large variety of organizational needs.

Social Media Management

A dedicated team of Social Media specialists available to manage your social media campaigns and help you to keep up with social media management. 

WordPress Website Development

Design & development for new WordPress websites. Dedicated WordPress Website Development team to bring your business to life online.

PPC: Facebook, Youtube, Google

We have dedicated paid media specialists on our team to manage and maximize your PPC efforts. PPC campaigns can drive immediate traffic and new customers right away.

Let's discuss WordPress Maintenance solutions for your organization.

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