Drupal to WordPress Migration

Drupal to WordPress Migration

Migrate your website from Drupal to WordPress with the help of experts.

Forget upgrades, finally escape the complexity of Drupal. There’s no denying, Drupal is on the decline. The platform security is a nightmare. The challenges you face with your website, all easily remedied by WordPress. Find out why so many organizations are choosing WordPress for their new website.
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Stop wasting resources on Drupal, get with the most popular CMS on the planet: WordPress.

Drupal to WordPress Migration

Explore & learn how Drupal to WordPress Migration can bring value to your organization

Why migrate from Drupal to WordPress?

There are a number of reasons we see organizations choose to make the switch. Generally, the change is motivated by increasing challenges faced with managing and maintaining a Drupal website, and then also by the surprisingly high costs of Drupal development.

Flexibility of WordPress

WordPress is a very flexible and agile platform. It is much easier to customize, extend and add new features than Drupal. As older Drupal websites built on Drupal 6 or 7 start to age, they become increasingly difficult to maintain and upgrade. These challenges can be avoided by migrating from Drupal to WordPress.

When teams are able to better utilize their existing skill sets and implement new features more quickly, they can focus on other (probably much more important!) tasks and projects.

Reduce Website Costs

With Drupal 8’s arrival in 2015, developers saw a shift in how Drupal sites were built towards an object-oriented design approach. Drupal has since required developers to have a developed knowledge of the framework and also of broader programming.

This increase in development complexity has led to an increase in development costs associated with Drupal projects, with each project seemingly requiring more and more advanced engineers to solve even the simplest of problems.

WordPress enables organizations to reduce this complexity and the costs associated with development.

Switch from Drupal to WordPress for your website.

Migrating from Drupal 7 to WordPress: Beyond the guide.

Migrating from Drupal 7 to WordPress can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned web developers. But, there are steps you can take to simplify the migration and make sure your new WordPress website is up-and-running as quickly as possible.

Here’s an overview of how our engineers approach migrating a website from Drupal 7 to WordPress:

  1. Clean Up Your Data & Back Up Your Site Before Migrating
  2. Import Clean Database and Media Files to New System
  3. Perform Manual Checks on All Content, URLs & Site Structure
  4. Set Up 301 Redirects For Any Changed URLs
  5. Update Media Files in WordPress
  6. Reconfigure Theme Settings
  7. Configure Plugins
  8. Test Everything!
This photo shows members of the Drupal to WordPress migration engineering team in the office

Escaping Drupal is possible

For many organizations, the challenge of integrating modern web features with an aging Drupal infrastructure is too costly. This is when many organizations look to migrate from one platform to another. If a team thinks “there has got to be a better way” then it can be time for them to move away from their existing CMS in favor of something new and more user friendly like WordPress.

We have seen customers make the switch as they run into scaling challenges while using Drupal (which leads to high costs) or are looking for faster development cycles, easier integration capabilities and broader feature sets available within WordPress that would not necessarily exist with Drupal out-of-the box. With our expertise, we can help you through the entire process and save your organization significant resource during the move.

As the global leading Drupal to WordPress Migration provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

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Drupal to WordPress Migration

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