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WordPress Migration

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WordPress migrations can be stressful, expensive, and complicated. Don’t let it feel that way. Our engineers have extensive experience migrating WordPress websites. For some of our engineers, it’s literally all they do… Everyday–just migrating WordPress websites for our awesome clients. For even the most mission-critical asset, your team will rest easy. Complete peace-of-mind. No matter the size or type of WordPress website you have. We migrate large websites for global organizations all the time.
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What is a WordPress migration service?

A WordPress migration service is a type of WordPress support that helps organizations to move their websites from one platform or host provider to another. This involves moving an existing website from one server over to a different server, often at another web host altogether.

There are many reasons an organization will migrate their WordPress website. This may be done due to changes in hosting providers, alterations made on the current site that requires moving it onto a new platform or server, or maybe the website has scaled and simply needs more resources that aren’t available in the server, cluster, or VPS node. WordPress migration services move all your existing content and settings intact so you don’t have to start over again with building up everything anew.

Our WordPress migration engineers are available to provide technical support before, during, and after the transition has been made. If any issues arise while switching platforms or servers, engineers are quick to resolve any issues, ensuring an easy transition for businesses that rely heavily on their online presence.

Photo shows movers moving large equipment and crates, symbolic of the engineers migrating your organization's website
This photo shows the interior lobby of an organization with many people moving through the atrium

Organizations and leaders benefit from hiring experts for their WordPress migration

Hiring a team to assist with your WordPress migration enables organizations to gain access to professionals who specialize in website migrations, who migrate websites everyday. Our WordPress migration engineers are ready to tackle any issues or complexities that may arise can be addressed quickly and expertly.

DIYing a website migration is likely to become an overwhelming task with little assurance of success; however hiring professionals allows businesses peace of mind knowing their content will remain intact after transitioning it over to another server/platform efficiently and effectively—thus saving time and money due to avoiding any potential errors along the way.

Migration engineers are available to support your organization through migrating from nearly any enterprise CMS to WordPress, or just move your existing enterprise-grade WordPress website over to a new host or server. Using leading data-management best practices, data integrity and security are core values shared by all on the migration team.

On demand enterprise migration keeps your organization nimble. Be prepared to move at a moment’s notice.

As the global leading WordPress Migration provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

WordPress Migration

Explore & learn how WordPress Migration can bring value to your organization

Our Approach to WordPress Migrations

WordPress Migration consultation icon

Consultation via Zoom

During this initial consultation, we can cover any current obstacles and issues your organization is facing with your website, and begin to understand your organization’s specific migration requirements.

We believe this is the most important step in the migration process and without this, we would never know when a migration project was successful.

Migration Plan

WordPress migration plan icon

We work to define the scope of work needed to successfully complete your website’s migration. Our plans are tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the project is managed efficiently from start to finish.

Your Migration Plan becomes the source of truth for the entirety of the migration.

Backup and Security

Migrating WordPress process icon

Before we begin, our engineers utilize a comprehensive backup system to serve as an extra layer of security for your data and files, just in case anything goes wrong.

We backup all aspects of our WordPress Migrations using a 3-2-1 data storage model. Encryption is available if required/requested, and additional precautions can be afforded for particular situations.

Migration Kickoff

Data transfer icon

Finally, time to initiate the migration process itself, by essentially exporting files from your existing platform and importing them into WordPress, all with no disruption. If needed, we can then develop any additional features you may need for improved functionality or aesthetics depending on our prior consultation.

All data is migrated to the new server, themes, plugins, and licenses are migrated cleanly to the new installation. Hosting, staging, data storage, routing, and all necessary services are included per your Migration Plan.

Delivery – Making the switch!

WordPress Migration switch icon

To ensure the website runs smoothly, we will test it extensively before making the switch to WordPress. After rigorous testing is completed and all bugs have been resolved, we can then switch your domain so that your new WordPress website becomes live.

During the switch, engineers are available to monitor and address any issues in real-time.

WordPress ongoing support and maintenance

WordPress Migration complete icon

Our work is something worth standing behind, and we believe in supporting our clients after the work is delivered. Following the switch, get support for anything you need at any level of your organization. Maintenance, management, and support for your WordPress website. Ongoing WordPress security services. And, anything your organization needs to thrive with WordPress.

Make your next WordPress site migration stress-free. Migration services global organizations depend on.

Learn more about how you can make your organization's next WordPress migration a little easier.

We hope you enjoy this roundup of resources about WordPress migrations–compiled by our migration engineers, scoured from our year’s of bookmarks about WordPress migrations.

For those interested in learning more about WordPress Migration, we recommend checking out the following videos, articles, and books:

Videos about WordPress Migration

  • Chris Rogers, of the Global Storage Business Development TeamTop 10 Data Migration Best Practices – AWS Online Tech Talks. In this tech talk, they discuss the top 10 data migration best practices with AWS. They review key considerations when moving data to and from the cloud, explore various technologies that are available for different needs, and discuss how each of these can be used to migrate your data more effectively. They also touch on important points like creating a backup plan for your move as well as optimizing your use of S3 buckets for large-scale migrations.

Articles about WordPress Migration

  • Here’s some great information from Bitnami for those organizations interested in DIYing a WordPress migration. This option may work well for smaller organizations and simpler websites. Migrating data between WordPress instances can be done with the use of WordPress migration plugins such as “All-in-One WP Migration”. This involves first exporting content from the original instance and then uploading and importing it into the new blog or website. The plugin will automatically transfer all of your data to the new site, though you may need to verify permalink settings after completion to ensure they are correctly set up.
  • This article from The University of Santa Cruz Office of Academic Divisional Computing outlines another DIY option to migrate one WordPress website to another host using the default WordPress import/export functionality. To migrate a WordPress.com site to self-hosted WP, first export the content of the old site as an .xml file then install and configure a vanilla version of WordPress in the new location. Then upload the exported xml file into this new instance using tools in WordPress Dashboard. Lastly, you can change any necessary CSS settings and colors to match those from your original WordPress website by accessing dashboard customization panel on both websites so they look similar. An admittedly primitive method, but maybe suitable for some types of websites. A good way to transfer data, nonetheless.
  • Here’s another tutorial, this one from Cloudways, with some super info specifically for those migrating WooCommerce store data. It outlines the two types of data a WordPress blog and WooCommerce Store contains, instructions on how to export selected posts, pages, products and other information as an XML file using “Tools > Export” in the dashboard of both websites. Importing this file with help of plugins is also covered along with points that should be remembered when importing or exporting files such as increasing maximum upload size limit if needed or considering using a plugin for migrating entire website instead.
  • Another article with some WooCommerce related insight from WooCommerce themselves. It describes how WooCommerce products are a type of ‘post,’ meaning that you can migrate products between sites the same way you migrate posts. You can use WordPress functions to export and import XML files, Product CSV Import Suite for importing/exporting product data in a .csv file format and WP Migrate DB to transfer all data while keeping current IDs intact. We generally suggest getting the current site exactly as you want it and then using WP Migrate DB to move everything over at once.
  • Siteground offers this insight for manually transferring WordPress websites between webservers. They explain that WordPress site transfers consist of three steps: moving the files, transferring the database and reconfiguration (if needed). To move your files you can use FTP. To migrate databases, export it from the old hosting account and import in to a new one. Finally, open wp-config.php file and update database credentials to make WordPress work correctly on a new server. If a domain name is changed as a part of the migration, additional configuration may be required as well.
  • This article from Microsoft tech community describes how easy it can be to migrate your WordPress website to Azure App Service. They explain how there are multiple ways to do it, but the best approach depends on your own unique requirements and preferences for your organization – whether that’s using a plugin like All-In-One WP Migration or manually migrating the site yourself. No matter which technique you use, be sure to take all necessary precautions such as configuring the recommended plugins and settings in order for your migration to go smoothly.
  • Here’s an internal resource developed for Wake Forest University that intends to walk community members through the process of migrating a WordPress website, including numerous walkthrough videos showing the process of migrating a WordPress website. Some parts may not be generally applicable, however, some awesomely useful information for getting started with a WordPress migration plan.
  • This isn’t an article, but is a great resource for those who are migrating a WordPress website themselves. This tool, Dead Link Checker, checks broken and dead links. It’s a best-practice to check for any broken links after any migration.
  • This 7 page PDF about migrations offers an overall general background and migration guide provided during their department kickoff meetings at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is created to introduce new users to migrating WordPress and includes some really digestible information about the topic.

Books about WordPress Migration

  • Practical Data Migration by Johny Morris – (on Amazon) Johny Morris has over thirty years of experience in IT working as a programmer, analyst, project manager and data architect. His work stretches from Logica CMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) as well as having been involved in large-scale migrations at Barclays Bank, National Grid Transco and the BBC. This book provides a step-by-step methodology for data migration from an old system to a new repository, developed and tested in real life scenarios. It is designed for executives and practitioners tasked with this task, as well as anyone wanting to increase the chances of success for their project. This proven approach covers all stages of the process – from preparation through execution – so that projects can be completed on time and within budget.

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WordPress Migration

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