Joomla to WordPress Migration

Joomla to WordPress Migration

Make the move from Joomla to WordPress for your organization's website.

Joomla can feel dated and limiting in customization. Managing a team of Joomla developers can be challenging. Migrating your Joomla website to WordPress will give you access to modern features and customizations that aren’t possible with typical Joomla setups. It’s also easy to use, and for many organizations, can be managed by in-house team or staff without complicated development or frequently hiring a developer. Migrating from Joomla to WordPress can be complex, and costs depend entirely on the complexity of your website and your organization’s needs.
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It's time. It isn't getting any better. Make the move, escape Joomla!

Make the Switch From Joomla to WordPress for Your Organization's Website

Organizations today are increasingly recognizing the benefits of switching from Joomla to WordPress for their websites. The reasons for making this transformation extend far beyond technology, as organizations gain improved scalability and flexibility with a move to WordPress. Uncover the major advantages that can be gained from transitioning your organization’s website from Joomla to WordPress, while also learning some basics about the process for protecting your existing content when migrating between platforms.

In the past, organizations looked to Joomla because it was deemed reliable, and because the core development team focused on security over functionality. As organizations increasingly rely on their websites to communicate with clients, partners and the public, it’s becoming more important than ever that they have an effective web presence. Many are now considering making a switch from Joomla over to WordPress.

We make WordPress migrations easy for organizations with WordPress migration services for numerous platforms. Our migration engineers are experts in their field and make your migration feel simple and look easy. Your website can be extremely valuable, our engineers are comfortable working with valuable assets for global organizations. We empower your company to embrace a new platform and adopt the new platform.

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How might your organization's mission benefit from switching?

The advantages of switching from Joomla to WordPress can be categorized into five key benefits: Flexibility, Scalability, Cost Savings, Security, and Advanced Operational Efficiency.

For your organization, considering how your mission might benefit, and what this could mean for your community.

Flexibility: WordPress makes it easy for organizations to customize the look and feel of their website through a wide range of free and paid plugins.

Scalability: As your organization grows, so does its web presence; Joomla is not well equipped to handle larger projects as it becomes increasingly difficult for developers to identify problems in complicated content structures. With WordPress, you have access to advanced development tools, which make scaling up easier than ever before. WordPress’s web development infrastructure is much more scalable than Joomla’s.

Cost Savings: The cost savings associated with switching to WordPress are substantial for many organizations.

Security: Security is a key concern, but with WordPress, you have access to the latest in secure coding standards and a dedicated team of developers constantly work on hardening the platform against malicious attacks.

Advanced Operational Efficiency: The expansive array of available third-party plugins and tools that integrate seamlessly into the WordPress platform make it easy to add various elements to your site while also increasing the efficiency of operations.

When making the switch from Joomla over to WordPress, it’s important to also consider how you would approach moving your existing content, without compromising any valuable assets or data. Experienced migration engineers can facilitate this process and they will help ensure that all critical assets are preserved during this transition.

As the global leading Joomla to WordPress Migration provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

Joomla to WordPress Migration

Explore & learn how Joomla to WordPress Migration can bring value to your organization

Making the move from Joomla to WordPress a delight.

Learn more about migrating your organization's website from Joomla to WordPress and how it might benefit your mission.

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