GoDaddy to WordPress Migration

GoDaddy to WordPress Migration

Gain control of your online presence: move from a GoDaddy Builder site to real enterprise-grade website with WordPress

Do anything with your website. WordPress gives you any functionality and experience you can imagine for your users. Gain full control of your customer’s journey by moving your website from the basic GoDaddy Website Builder to WordPress.
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Switch from GoDaddy Site Builder to WordPress

Building your website with GoDaddy Website Builder was easy, but often it simply isn't enough

While the GoDaddy Website Builder tool is a great option for beginners or those with limited website development experience, as organization grow, the platform may begin to feel limiting.

Switching from the easy-to-start ‘GoDaddy Website Builder’ to the easy-to-scale WordPress platform may seem daunting, but our experienced migration engineers will help recreate your existing website with the right tools. Move all your content, images, meta Title and Descriptions, and do it all the right way, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

With an array of options for new features and capabilities, we will help you find the right theme and plugins to make everything work. With WordPress, your organization will have much more control over your website’s design and functionality. Customize every aspect of the site using themes and plugins that offer more flexibility than what is available on the GoDaddy Website Builder.

Common motivations for leaving Website Builder for WordPress:

  • Integrations with external sources, CRMS, or APIs
  • Improve user experience or enhance visual/design appeal
  • Achieve ADA compliance, or other regulatory requirements
  • Implementing e-commerce functionality, or accept payments

As your organization grows and you want additional features, WordPress enables your team to succeed, with functionality that cannot be easily accommodated by the simple web templates offered in Website Builder. Scale up operations via enhanced functionality provided by WordPress provides organizations more breathing room as needs change.

Photo shows a large multi-story building in California, with focus on the fire escape and the many stairs - used to symbolize the process of leaving the GoDaddy Website Builder platform for a more developed and enterprise platform like WordPress

As the global leading GoDaddy to WordPress Migration provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

GoDaddy to WordPress Migration

Explore & learn how GoDaddy to WordPress Migration can bring value to your organization

Smoothly transition your website from GoDaddy to WordPress and gain the power you need.

Learn more about migrating your existing GoDaddy Builder website to a full-fledged CMS on WordPress

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GoDaddy to WordPress Migration

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