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Sitecore to WordPress

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Sitecore is an integrated .NET Framework based CMS, or experience management platform, that provides content management, marketing automation, and customer insights. Sold to organizations as a way of delivering personalized, multi-channel customer experiences. The enterprise features found in Sitecore are easily recreated with a modern WordPress website, and organizations are noticing.
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Don't wait, gain new control of your digital assets and data, make the move from Sitecore to WordPress.

Why Are Organizations Migrating from Sitecore to WordPress?

Migrating from Sitecore to WordPress is a great way to gain increased control of your data and assets. As an enterprise organization leader, you know the importance and value of data. The cost savings, content flexibility, enhanced security, and modern design capabilities of WordPress make it an ideal choice for organizations looking for ways to make the most out of their web presence. As your organization grows, you may find the need for additional features, and require new integrations–this all can be easily implemented with the large number of available plugins for WordPress.

WordPress has demonstrated itself as a leading enterprise content management system. It continues to power The White House, and numerous other leading global organizations, not to mention the millions of other amazing websites proudly built with WordPress.

Unlock the potential of your organization’s website. By migrating to WordPress, organizations will realize significant cost savings. With limited licensing fees and wide developer availability, WordPress website managers find their organization able to adapt quickly and and lower costs than Sitecore’s enterprise offering.

The content management aspect of Sitecore is feeling dated, sluggish, and cumbersome this is why so many are migrating to WordPress. With the powerful combination of custom post types, taxonomies and featured images—organizations will find it easier to create highly structured information on their websites. Exchangeability between structure and data allows editors the freedom to focus on creating great content, instead of worrying about hacking together some secret code from the development support team. The result? Content that looks great across all devices and platforms and delighted users.

Make Your Move to WordPress

Our team offers migration services from Sitecore to WordPress. We specialize in creating bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our team is skilled in all aspects of web design and development, including migrating content from Sitecore into a new custom built website on WordPress. No matter the complexity or scale of your organization’s website, our engineers can help you make the switch. Sitecore migration services enable your organization to switch to WordPress and escape the costs of Sitecore quickly.

  • Take control of your website’s content and data
  • Reimagine customer experience and marketing automation capabilities for a fraction of the cost
  • Wide availability of developers, support, training, and community
  • Integration with other systems easily

Migrating from Sitecore to WordPress doesn’t have to be complicated. Get started now and take advantage of an affordable platform that still offers all the enterprise features your organization needs. We specialize in creating bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

If you need help migrating from Sitecore to WordPress, or if you’re just looking for advice on how to make the transition smoother, our team is here to help. Our engineers are experienced in managing and executing migrations from Sitecore to WordPress. We can provide detailed consultation and planning support, as well as hands-on migration services.

As the global leading Sitecore to WordPress provider, we're here to support your organization and your mission.

Sitecore to WordPress

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Learn more about how to maximize the effectiveness of your website by migrating from Sitecore to WordPress:

Harness the power of WordPress and say goodbye to the sluggish Sitecore environment. With BIG Linden, migrating your website is no longer a complicated task. Delight your users with great looking content on all devices and platforms.

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  • “We have Sitecore at work. It’s bloated, slow and way overly complex to develop for, which makes for very lucrative support contracts for the company that makes it – like all enterprise software.” offers Reddit user remilye on Reddit in the thread “Why do many large companies use clunky, old CMSs?”.
  • Unleash your website’s potential by switching from Sitecore to WordPress with BIG Linden’s bespoke migration service.

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Sitecore to WordPress

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