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Is it possible to embed a form made with Substack on our WordPress website? How can we do that?


The client wants to know about the possibility of embedding a Substack form on a page of their WordPress website and wants to learn more about best practices for Substack embeds on WordPress websites.

Can you embed Substack inside a WordPress page?

Yes, it is probably possible to embed a Substack form on any page or post of your WordPress website. It is relatively do this in-house or to have a content manager add to your website.

How to embed Substack form on WordPress page or post:

Below you’ll find solutions for embedding your form on your site based on whether or not it is hosted on WordPress.com or not.

NOT hosted at WordPress.com

If you’re website is hosted on any hosting provider other than WordPress.com, this is easy to accomplish.


To embed a signup form for your Substack form, head to your Settings page and scroll to “Import your email list”.

On the ‘Import your email list’ screen, you’ll see a unique code for your publication, see below for an example of what the code should look like.

Insert this HTML code onto any website to embed a signup form for your Substack publication.

Note: The Substack embedded signup forms work on any platform that support HTML IFrames (WordPress, SquareSpace, custom websites, etc.) but this excludes Medium.

Currently, the official Substack embed signup form iFrame is not customizable.

Hosted at WordPress.com

If the website is hosted on WordPress.com, then the answer is sadly not as simple, and may not be totally functional without upgrading your hosting plan with WordPress.com.

These restrictions are in place to prevent any disruptions in service due to potentially malicious code.

You can read more about this here:


If you have the Business Plan, however, you would be able to add the above code to your site.


More ways to embed Substack signup forms in WordPress

Substack provides an out of the box solution for adding a signup form to your website – the iFrame Embed. However, this solution lacks customizable features and is not ideal for custom landing pages where newsletter signups are the main conversion objective.

Fortunately, there are tools available that allow you to embed a custom styled email form on your site without the headings and watermark Substacks solution provides. Using these tools, you can create fully customizable forms tailored to your brand and specific conversion objectives.

Some tools also allow you to track conversion rates, capture metrics and analytics data, and even send automated follow-up emails.

Substack Custom Signup Form with Substack API

As the developers explain, this little tool enables you to “customize your substack newsletter signup form and embed it anywhere.” Sounds pretty sweet, eh?

They make it look so easy! Try it out for yourself on the Substack API website.

This tool is developed and maintained by https://twitter.com/gideonwislang

What about embedding your entire Substack archive in WordPress?

Now, this isn’t nearly as simple as embedding a signup form, as described above. If your goal is to embed the content of your Substack on your website, we’ve covered how to embed Substack archive in WordPress and think it best to keep the two topics separate.

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