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Should we host our email and website on the same host or server?

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We are planning to revamp our company’s website and email service. Is it a good idea to have both our email and website hosted on the same hosting provider?


The client is considering having their company’s website and email service hosted on the same hosting provider, but they’re not sure if that’s the best approach.

Should we host our email and website on the same host or server?

This largely depends on your specific requirements, but in many cases, it might actually be better to separate your email and web hosting. While having everything in one place can simplify things from a management perspective, there are also some downsides to consider.

Reliability: If your single host goes down, you lose access to both your website and email. Having them separate would mean if one service goes down, the other would continue working.

Performance: Email can take up a significant amount of server resources. If you receive heavy email traffic, this could negatively impact your website performance.

Specialization: Most web hosts are specialized in hosting websites, while others might be better for hosting emails. It could be advantageous to use specialized providers for each service to benefit from their unique expertise.

Flexibility: Most importantly, separating these services makes you more agile. For example, it’s easy to switch to another web hosting provider if needed without going through the hassle of migrating an email server too.

One main reason companies traditionally chose to co-locate their email and website under the same host is cost-efficiency However, there might also be some disadvantages depending on your individual situation. Other things to consider:

  • One invoice instead of two
  • Simplified set-up
  • Less relationship management

Another advantage of joint hosting is ease of coordination. Having a single point of contact for both website and email hosting may increase the workload, but it also keeps things simple. Single-server solutions can decrease confusion especially among smaller firms, reducing communication latency within an organization.

On the flip side, one significant factor against hosting websites and emails together is risk distribution. With all data on a single server, businesses put all eggs in one basket. If that server experiences downtime or fails, not only does your public-facing website go down but your internal communication is also hampered, dramatically affecting operations.

Security concerns draw from the same bandwidth. Emails could potentially bring harmful malware that jeopardizes not just email operations but your website as well – the main face of your brand online. Similarly, any security issues with your website could compromise your internal communications..

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