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We need to duplicate an existing page on our WordPress website. What’s the easiest way to do this?


The client needs instructions on how to create a duplicate of an already existing page on their WordPress site.

How do you duplicate a page in WordPress?

In WordPress, creating a duplicate or clone of a webpage is a simple and straightforward process.

There are essentially two main methods: manually duplicating the content of a page and creating another, or utilizing WordPress plugins that were specifically designed to enable easy duplication of any post or page.

Manually duplicating a page

Here are steps if you want to manually duplicate your webpage:

  1. Start by logging into your website’s backend, and navigate to the ‘Pages’ from your dashboard.
  2. Choose the specific page you’d like to clone and select the Edit option.
  3. Copy all the contents you will require for your new page, these would typically be found in Gutenberg Blocks or Classic Editor, which might depend on what editor you have currently installed.
  4. Navigate back to your dashboard menu and select ‘Pages’, now click on ‘Add New’.
  5. Paste all content copied from your selected page onto this newly created blank page.
  6. Customize Title and Permalink as necessary before finally clicking Publish.

Using a plugin for duplicating pages in WordPress

If your desire is to keep all formatting, CSS classes and scripts on the current page, or if copying manually is just not an option, then installing and using a post duplication plugin will be easier.

Below are some recommended plugins:

Yoast Duplicate Post – Developed by Enrico Battocchi at Yoast, this plugin allows users to clone posts of any type or copy them to new drafts for further editing. The cloned version will carry over everything; like tags, categories and other meta-information. Learn more about this plugin on the WordPress community page.

Post Duplicator – Metaphor Creations developed Post Duplicator with features allowing customization such as duplication date, status and type. More about this plugin on the WordPress community page.

Duplicate Page and Post – This plugin by Arjun Thakur allows you to duplicate your pages and posts with a single click. It’s quick to use, efficient and does the job well. More about this plugin on the WordPress community page.

Installation of these plugins can be done directly from your admin dashboard:

Navigate to ‘Plugins > Add New’, in the search box enter ‘Duplicate Page’, next, click ‘Install Now’ and finally ‘Activate’. Once activated, click on pages or posts; below each page or post you’ll find two new links ‘Clone’ and ‘New Draft’.

Use Your Page Builder’s Built-In Cloning Tool

If your WordPress site uses a page builder plugin such as Elementor or Beaver Builder, they usually include a page duplication feature that makes this task even simpler! For example, in Elementor you can simply right click on the page you wish to duplicate within the editor and click ‘Save as Template’. This template can then be loaded onto any new pages with the ‘Add Template’ option, effectively duplicating the original.

Next Steps

Each of these methods should assist with quickly duplicating WordPress pages. However, if you’re experiencing continued difficulties or errors during process, perhaps seek assistance from a WordPress professional or contact us directly for technical assistance in managing your WordPress website.

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