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Katrina Pfitzner is an adept WordPress Engineer and Digital Marketing Manager with over 14 years of experience fostering digital innovation and brand empowerment. Her storied career blends technical mastery with a creative vision, buoyed by her Fine Arts degree from the UNC School of the Arts. With a talent for synthesizing multifaceted stakeholder visions into robust, user-friendly digital solutions, Katrina has become a go-to expert for translating complex concepts into compelling online experiences.

In the pulsating heart of digital transformation, Katrina has diligently sculpted a reputation for excellence. Her proficiency encompasses advanced SEO tactics, UX design, and dynamic social media strategies—elements she skillfully weaves into comprehensive strategies propelling brands into their growth phase. As a spirited catalyst at BIG Linden, Katrina’s hands shaped flagship websites and ensured seamless user journeys. Whether it’s steering an intricate website migration or orchestrating multilingual implementations at renowned institutions like Northwestern University, she melds compliance, analytics, and visionary project management into a unified tour de force.

Deeply aware of the rapid ascent of today’s tech trends, Katrina continually sharpens her skill set through active engagement with the latest industry tools and certifications, expanding her prowess in content management systems beyond WordPress ─ an exploration borne from her voracious appetite for lifelong learning. Through public speaking engagements, a swath of productive personal projects, and a mantle of certifications (including Google AdWords), she perpetually refines the leading-edge of digital sustainability.

Katrina’s narrative is one not just told but shown through vibrant interactivity and online communities fashioned by her deft hands. As she teases the digital sphere with ingenuity and shapes our internet through collaboration and leadership, Katrina remains committed to cultivating the connective tissue that links technology, brands, and the diverse tapestry of online user populations.

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