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We use Elementor for our WordPress site’s frontend. We’re concerned about our WordPress performance. Does Elementor contribute to a slow site?


The client wants to know if Elementor will slow down a WordPress website.

Does Elementor slow down your site?

No, Elementor does not inherently slow down your WordPress website.

While Elementor, like any page builder, can potentially impact the load time of your WordPress site, it is not inherently detrimental to your site speed. This commonly raised concern mainly stems from the part that speed is contingent on the way the tool is being used and what speed measurement tools are used more than the tool itself.

Elementor has been continually committed toward optimizing their code for performance. And, with proper using of caching plugins and a good hosting environment, the effect of Elementor on your site’s speed can be significantly minimized.

Some key factors to take into account are:

  1. Quality of Plugins and Theme: Your website speed can be highly impacted negatively if you are using slow, outdated, or poorly-developed plugins and themes. Learn more about the plugins that can slow down your WordPress site the most.
  2. Quality of Hosting: Cheap shared hosting plans may not offer the server resources you need for a faster site. On another hand, better-performing hosting platforms can improve speed.
  3. Resources on Page: Avoiding over-saturation of a page with videos, high-resolution images, and unnecessary widgets can influence your speed greatly.
  4. Optimization: This includes optimizing images, usage of cache plugins, and reducing HTTP calls.

It’s important to remember that website speed is a factor of many different attributes, not just the site builder you choose to use. Proper optimization techniques must be employed throughout your site to ensure the best performance.

While Elementor does involve a certain level of scripts and code that could push up load times, the vast majority of these potential drawbacks can be worked around with proper optimization techniques.

In short, Elementor does not inherently slow down your WordPress site. However, it can impact performance if not used appropriately.

When can Elementor slow down your site?

As discussed above, there are scenarios where the performance of your WordPress website is impacted by Elementor. It is additional code, it does present additional payload, and it does need additional resources.

Elementor can potentially slow down your site under certain circumstances. This generally occurs when users are unaware of best practices, rather than being a fault of the Elementor tool itself.

To offset this, we suggest some ideas for ensuring your website isn’t slowed down by Elementor.

How can we mitigate any performance issues from Elementor?

There are multiple approaches to mitigate potential performance issues when using Elementor:

  • Choose a Lightweight, Responsive Theme: Elementor works most efficiently when the underlying theme is light, well-coded, and responsive. An example of such theme is the “Hello Elementor” theme designed by the makers of Elementor.
  • Use a Caching Plugin: A good caching plugin can greatly improve your site’s speed by creating static versions of your pages and serving these to visitors until there have been changes made to your pages.
  • Minify and Combine CSS/JavaScript: This process reduces bandwidth usage and improves load times by combining multiple CSS or js files into one file, which reduces HTTP requests.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Plugins: Plugins, while very helpful in extending functionality, should be used judiciously as too many may result in conflicts or page speed issues.

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